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Educational travel Fear1ess3 style in Paris.

What about stock photos?  There is a license CC0 that allows content creators to use pictures for FREE. Travel photojournalism, gamers, non profit organizations for royalty free images.

Gamers Corner and Games

Animefest, online games, cosplay event.

"Years ago, I told my father it was just dirt.  But it's not dirt.  It's where we live.  It's our dirt, dammit."
​~Dirt, Halo Evolutions

Educational Travel Adventures

Summer travel to Europe, London, United Kingdom 2014

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.
​~St. Augustine

Sharing the big Story

Annual Mexican Dinner and Cultural Day Event

We use social media to connect with friends and family and share in the fun and marvelous people we meet along the way.

Students and Higher Education

Hacks for students seeking "Higher Education."

How to enroll in College, GAP Year and other programs for High School Grads and students seeking "Higher Education."

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Volunteers at the museum of Qin Terra-cotta warriors and horses (Xi'an) China

Our best work comes from volunteering opportunities and the desire to get to know our community, travel to new places and the joy born of sharing our talents and gifts.  

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About Us

Fear1ess3 is a global company using social media communications to capture moments in time, share experiences and digital strategy for positive storytelling.

Born of a love of photography, travel, and family it began as a newsletter allowing family and friends to connect and to share experiences despite the distance.  Furthermore, excursions have flipped on a switch of realizations and awareness that we are all connected, so we fostered an appreciation of all people.  Through the experience of sharing life events both big and small, a higher calling evolved.  So, we use out of the box ideas to reach our goals and share what the world around us has to inspire.  Therefore, even if life is not always what we expected or amiable, we can still choose to be happy, live every day to the fullest and sprinkle joy at every opportunity.  That is why we capture moments in time and share the story digitally.

What We Do...

Fear1ess3 challenges conventional thinking and pushes the boundaries of what is possible. Share your experience, knowledge, story, and skills with other creative minds. We volunteer in events that inspire with photojournalism, photography, and information 4share.

"The views expressed on this website are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Diocese of Dallas, its affiliates, my employer or any association."

~Monica Quiroz - Moore

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